The Maller Kids' Bathroom Remodel
January 2004

Doreen and Steve have lost their patience with trying to find a contractor to remodel the last of our bathrooms. This is the one attached to the kids' room, and was sorely in need of an update. So we've decided to commence with the work as "owner/builders". Keep checking back here and we'll see how this all goes!

  • January 3, 2004: We decided date night was a good opportunity to get dirty and work out some "issues" with a sledge hammer and a pry bar. So Doreen and Steve demolished about 1/3 of the bathroom, and had a lovely time doing it.
  • January 13, 2004: Primary demolition is complete, with the exception of the bathtub. Now comes the design phase. Anybody know a good plumber?
  • January 27, 2004: OK, the tub had to go.