Max and Sam's Moment of Fame!

Thanks to the one of the coolest Aunts in the world, Max and Samuel got a wonderful opportunity: to be the honorary Yahoo! cable car bell ringers for a San Francisco Giants game at the beautiful Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco. Here is a little photographic memoir of the evening, which was made even more special by the kids getting to ring the cable car's bell after watching Barry Bonds hit his 540th career home run (and almost a "splash landing", too!)

Thank you to Aunt Cynthia, for being the best Yahoo! in the family, to Tammy at Yahoo for helping to arrange this, and to Alexis of the San Francisco Giants for taking good care of us at the ballpark.

Click any of these photos to see a LARGER version. Enjoy!
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Beautiful Pacific Bell Park
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Doreen, Max and Sam on the way out to the Cable Car
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Aunt Cindy poses in front of "her" sign!
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The kids prepare for their moment
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The friendly attendant (we wondered if her hearing was shot!)
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It was really cold, even at 7:00 pm!
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Their name in lights!
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More fame!
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..and still more
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Sam's smiling 20-foot tall face!
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Isn't this all exciting!
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Later in the game, we left the Cable Car and went to our real seats just in time to meet up with Lou Seal, the Giants' mascot
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Click any of these photos to see a LARGER version. Enjoy!
Displaying photos 1 to 12 of 12

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