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July 27, 2000 Our kids have hit milestones. Come read about Max and Sam's accomplishments.
May 15, 2000 In the spirit of social activism, non-violent protest and family values, Doreen asked that our family fly to Washington, D.C. to participate in a Mother's Day event called the Million Mom March. We did it, and naturally, there's a web page with words and photographs from the trip.
May 2, 2000 We just returned from a wonderful week in Costa Rica. Come read our travellog in words and photographs, and share this wonderful adventure with us.
April 4, 2000 Wow. We spent 12 glorious days in Southern Africa. I've posted a web page that displays some of the 100 or so photos I took with my Nikon Coolpix 950. I've also scanned some of my favorite photos with my Polaroid SprintScan 4000. These are representative of the 12 rolls of print film and 49 rolls of slide film I shot over there.
December 30, 1999 Sarah Anne Maller has arrived! Mazel Tov to Dan, Kim and Alexandra for the newest addition to the ever-expanding Maller Family!!!
November 25, 1999 We just celebrated Thanksgiving at our house with numerous luminaries in attendance. Come see the fun at this page...
November 18, 1999 For the very first time, all four Maller grandchildren were captured (if just for a single, brief moment) in a single photograph (no Photoshop tricks, either!). Click here to see the photo.
August 3, 1999 Our new (well, old) 1950 GMC pickup truck just arrived from Paola, Kansas! Check it out here.
April 29, 1999 Come see pictures from our ongoing remodeling projects.
November 1, 1998 Come see pictures from our family's 1998 Halloween Celebration.
September 2, 1998 Check out a collection of photos from our family's recent trip to Colorado to visit the Zalls.
July 31, 1998 Steve is way into photography these days. Check out the results of spending a night in our local donut shop!
June 24, 1998 Our family went to Hawaii last week. I put together a little travelog of words and pictures.
May 12, 1998 Grandma Judy Maller is on the web, too!
March 15, 1998Doreen is forty! Click here to see some pictures of the event.