The Giants Put A Hurting On The Marlins
August 14, 2001

Once again, we were treated to a magical night at the ballpark. Tonight, my friend Stuart and I were given wonderful seats for a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Florida Marlins at beautiful Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco. Here is a little photographic memoir of the evening, including photos of Barry Bonds scoring and taking a bow after hitting his 51st home run, a dramatic Grand Slam into McCovey Cove.

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Stuart heads down the tunnel to the seats
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Stuart on his phone, with the Giants' dugout in the background
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Eric Davis in the on-deck circle
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"Big Cat" Gallaraga connects for a triple to center field
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"B A R R Y. . . "
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Barry prepares in the on-deck circle
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..and he marches to the plate
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Jeff Kent gets ahold of one for a single
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Rich Aurilia scores
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Barry up again
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Barry drives one to left field, but is robbed of a home run!
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Rich Aurilia in the on-deck circle
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Rich Aurilia drives one
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Barry had been walked 3 times and been robbed of a homer. We could see the determination in his face...he was mad!
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GRAND SLAM! Barry crosses the plate after rounding the bases and driving in Snow, Murray and Aurilia.
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More congratulations!
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Barry gets a curtain call and acknowledges the crowd
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Click any of these photos to see a LARGER version. Enjoy!
Displaying photos 1 to 18 of 18

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