The Mallers Do London (April 2001)

For one week in April 2001, The Mallers traveled to London, England. we attended a lovely Passover Seder hosted by our dear friends Mark and Paula, saw our friends from Africa, and saw many of the wonderful sights of London.

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The long haul over the North Atlantic
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Sam and Steve entertaining themselves
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At long last, we arrive at the Langorf Hotel, our home base for the week
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Our glamorous hostess, Paula Tevis, up to her elbows in matzoball soup
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The leader of our seder, Reb Katz, threatens an intruder looking for a pre-seder nosh
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Paula applies the last few touches to the table...
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A seder in the Katz tradition with elements from Australia, New Orleans and Israel
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The seder is under way!
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"How many glasses of wine was that?"
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Max and Sam rushed upstairs with Madeleine to allow the grownups to finish the wine
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Paula looking no worse for the experience
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We had breakfast in a nice little curbside cafe
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Our hotel was on Frognal Street, which made Max and Sam hop with delight
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Doreen, on voicemail
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I suppose this is why they call it The Tube?
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The wonderfully gothic interior (yes, interior) of the Natural History Museum
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Max directing Sam...
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Max directing Sam some more
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It looks like Sam has the hang of it now
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Steve, Max and Sam mugging for the camcorder
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Click any of these photos to see a larger version. Enjoy!
Displaying photos 1 to 20 of 73

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