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Quotation Database

This is an experimental database of quotations that I've assembled from years of spelunking around the net. The quotations are loosely organized by author, and the links at the top of the pages will quickly move you around. Choose a letter to see quotes from authors whose names begin with that letter, choose Random to get a random jewel of knowledge, and choose Main to get back here.

This web page and all my quotation web pages are driven from a single page of scripting using the combination of the PHP hypertext preprocessor and the MySQL relational database. Cool, huh? There's not much else to say. Enjoy!

Steve Maller

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This service is provided for entertainment purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy or source of these quotations. If you are offended by something you find here, please alert the webmaster. If you have a contribution or correction, please email it to the webmaster.
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