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List of Quotation Authors By Letter ("I")

I Corinthians 13:11 (Revised Standard Version)
I. F. Stone, 1967
Ian Fleming
Idi Amin Dada, 1976
If your riches are yours, why don't you take them with you to the other world?
Igor Stravinsky
Ihara Saikaku
Imamu Amiri Baraka
Imamu Amiri Baraka, "Home", 1966
Indira Gandhi
Instruction on Conair hair dryer
Irene Peter
Irene Thomas
Iris Murdoch
Irv Kupcinet
Irvin S. Cobb
Irving Caesar
Isaac Asimov
Isaac Newton
Isabel Colegate
Isadora Duncan
Issac Asimov
Ivy Compton-Burnett

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