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Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 14: Winding Down In Chiang Mai

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Now that we're in Chiang Mai, the structured, educational portion of our trip is winding down. Despite advice to the contrary, I know how our family operates, and we planned the true "R&R" portion of our trip at the end, not the beginning. So we started with daily guided adventures, moving rapidly through the countryside. Now we're staying in Chiang Mai, and we have just completed our last full day with our guide, Nat. We had an intriguing visit on our way down to Chiang Mai at a hot springs, which in typically industrious Thai fashion were being used to cook food for the locals and the tourists! Our day in Chiang Mai began with a visit to the magnificent temple at Doi Suthep, perched in a commanding location in the hills overlooking the city. There is a single, long staircase of over 300 steps leading to the temple, but it is well worth the climb. After our visit to the temple, we took a whirlwind tour through the factories of several of the notable handicrafts of Chiang Mai. We saw (and purchased liberally!) from jade, silk, celadon, lacquerware and umbrella factories. The prices were quite good, and the quality and selection excellent. One must be careful with the street merchants here, so it's reassuring visiting the sources for these famous Thai goods. Finally, we were treated to a lovely dinner and show featuring the native dance and music of the northern Thais.

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