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July 16: More Falafels and a Swiss Boy Named Christopher

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Max and Sam befriended a delightful Swiss teenage boy named Christopher, and our two familes ended up spending the better part of two days together. We had several meals and quite a few adventures around Chiang Mai. Christopher and his parents Peter and Sorros have reminded us that families are families regardless of their nationalities, languages, origins and appearances. Yet the differences between our lives have made for stimulating conversations and wonderful stories. Together we spent quite a bit of time playing in our hotel pool, with many spirited battles and acrobatic stunts. We hired a couple of Tuk Tuks for another exciting dash across town to our new favorite Chiang Mai eating place, Jerusalem Falafel Restaurant (35/3 Moon Muang, A. Muang Chiang Mai, tel 05-3270208). Once again Zahavit did not disappoint, and neither did her delicious Israeli cuisine. We introduced Christopher and his parents to her, and had a nice late lunch. We mentioned that the three boys (and their Dads, too!) wanted to go to the go-karts, and she threw us all in her little pickup truck and drove us over there. We raced around and had some great "boy time" together. Zahavit even waited for us and drove us back to her restaurant. We had yet another nice evening in the night bazaar, and even found a new suitcase to hold all of our newfound bounty from several days of furious shopping.
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The three amigos, Sam, Christopher and Max
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Sam riding the good-natured Christopher
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The three boys in a funny moment in the hotel pool
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Everybody had turns riding everybody else
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Brotherly love, if only for a fleeting moment :-)
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Christopher put on quite an acrobatics demonstration
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Max and Sam showing off their NBA form
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The view from the back of a tuk tuk in flight
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Christopher and his parents following us to Jerusalem Falafel
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Zahavit holding court at her restaurant
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The boys in the back of Zahavit's pickup truck on the way to the go-karts
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Preparing to do battle with the forces of evil, the brave starfighters...oops, wrong story!
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Max, at speed
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Max gets a little directional assistance after a quick physics lesson
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Max chases Christopher into a turn
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Preparing for another chicken fight
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Da Boyz
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Max soaks up some rays
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