The Maller Family Travel Gazette:
Thailand, The Land of Smiles

July 23-24: Winding Down, and a Couple Of Tatoos

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We closed out out last day on Phi Phi with a nice day trip to Tong Sai Bay, the "town" at the center of this island. It afforded us an opportunity to touch base with the rest of the world, and to walk around a bit and do some last minute shopping. We came across a street vendor doing henna (temporary) tatoos, and we couldn't resist. Sam and Max got great tatoos, and we all felt like it was a fitting last activity. I woke up before dawn this morning, as Doreen and I did the day before, but with my camera gear this time. I was treated to a nice show, as you can see in the photos. Not to be outdone by his courageous performance yesterday with the sea urchin (the folk remedy of lemon juice seemed to work great), Max ran into some nasty little jellyfish today at the beach. Doreen applied another folk remedy (don't read this, Grandpa Harry!): our guide Nut suggested rubbing banana and sugar (no kidding!) on the jellyfish stings. An hour or so later, he seemed much better. OK, Doreen gave him some Benadryl, too. But the good news is that Max took it like a man again...what a kid! As I write this last travellog update, we're at a quickie overnight stop in a hotel near Bangkok airport, and we head back to the airport first thing to head home.

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